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Forging Ahead: Austerity to Prosperity in the Black Country, 1945-1968 (History West Midlands, 2021)
The Black Country was pivotal to Britain’s rapid shift from austerity to prosperity in the two decades after World War Two. This book celebrates the exciting times and the vital role of the region in the post-war period, and reveals the evolving landscape and diversifying population of this powerful industrial hub. Lavishly illustrated with images from the Black Country Living Museum’s photographic collection, Forging Ahead tells the story of an industrial region and its people moving from austerity to prosperity, and playing a key role in the history of post-war Britain.

John Hinks’ review of Forging Ahead for Midland History can be found here. A short film and podcasts outlining the themes and images from Forging Ahead can be found on History West Midlands’ website.

Available from History West Midlands, Amazon, or the Black Country Living Museum shop.

50 Years of Bangla Brummies: 1971 and the history of Birmingham’s Bangladeshi Community (Purbanat/Simon Briercliffe, 2023)

In 1971, Bangladeshis from Birmingham were at the forefront of the campaign to raise awareness of the war in their home country, and the campaign for independence from Pakistan. 50 Years of Bangla Brummies forms part of an oral history run by Purbanat CIC celebrating this history, and tells the story of the Bangla Brummies who raised the flag of the new nation for the first time outside of Bangladesh, and whose hard work helped secure the new nation’s freedom.

Available from Purbanat CIC.

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