Crystal Canal Walk

Proving that local newspapers aren’t as much a waste of paper as previously thought, this week’s Express & Star-syndicated local in Stourbridge mentioned the new audio trail prepared by Graham Fisher along the Stourbridge Canal Town Arm (as seen previously). I saw Graham a little while ago give a talk on the history of the BCN at Wolverhampton Art Gallery and he was great fun – kind of like a Si King of canals. This talk is a self-guided trail of about 1 3/4 miles between the Bonded Warehouse and the Red House Cone, complete with an excellent printout explaining what you’re seeing, and an audio guide to download, narrated by Mr Fisher. Best of all – it’s free:

Despite walking as many of the canals as I can find time for, and having walked the Town Arm numerous times, I still haven’t been on the last segment of this walk, from Wordsley Junction up the locks. I plan to rectify it soon!


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