This is a blog of two halves. I’m working on a PhD proposal at the moment, and it’s intended as a place to spill my thoughts, indulge my brain, and generally help me prepare for submission (and beyond). So, I’ll be looking at sources, books, etc. For the sake of thieving undergrads, I’m keeping these posts private (at least for now) but still plan on posting here in a public fashion too. So, expect some canals (lots of) to make an appearance, and no doubt lots of abandoned factories and the like.

For reasons of context, I’m living on the edge of the Black Country and working in Brum. As such I’m surrounded by the history of other peoples’ everyday, and that’s exactly what interests me most as I become a historian. I’ve always reasoned better by writing down, so I thought I’d better start a blog such as this to help me solidify both my appreciation of the local area (and perhaps beyond) as well as boost my prep. Hope you enjoy!

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